Last Will and Testament

from the yearbook

We, the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred and fifty-eight, the city of Leslie, County of Ingham, State of Michigan, being of lawful age, sound mind in memory, and realizing the uncertainty of this frail and transitory life, do of our own free will and accord, make, publish, and declare, this to be our last will and testament formally made by us in disposing of our vast and varied estate.

Ron Adams wills his ability to get along with Band Directors to Jim Talmage.
Carol Baldwin wills her cafeteria job to anyone with spare time on their hands.
Richard Balluff wills his glasses to all Basketball Referees.
Shirley Barlond wills her cafeteria job to anyone who can stand it.
Jerry Barron wills his "shyness" to any boy who can keep up with it.
Rexanne Beaumont wills her ability to get along with Mrs. Rearick to “Skeet" Reveille.
Art Bischoff wills his ability to get along with teachers to Judy Ward.
Nancy Brophy wills the memories of the Seniors of '57 to Joyce Fry.
Joan Brenton wills her ability to stay on a horse to Mary Jane Monroe.
Deanne Brown wills her ability to get along with Mrs. Miller to my sister Myrtle.
Betty Bunker wills her shyness to Pam Hines.
Lois Chesley wills her typewriter that can't spell to future typing classes.
Janet Cooper wills her glasses to Mrs. Bradford so she'll be able to ref next year.
Don Coppernoll wills his Chevy to anyone who hates to drive.
Duane Corts wills his curly hair to Larry Parr .
Rosanne Cowing wills her ability to be late to gym class to anyone who can get away with it.
Tom Darrow wills his hairy chest to Bill Chapman.
Martin Davis wills his pin setting ability to Richard "Mugs" Marks.
Ruth DeLeeuw wills her neat ironed gym blouse to Pat O'Dowd.
Bernell Duke wills her basketball rule book to Mr. Bradford.
Bill Durfee wills his independent nature to all students who want to accomplish something.
Phil Glaspie wills his bottle of Peroxide to Joanne Wilde.
Alice Gordon wills her glasses to the 7th and Bth graders who are always running into people in the hall.
John Grimes wills his ability to get along with the women to Alan Hicks.
Gerald Hamilton wills his model A to Miss Greiner.
Norman Hampton wills his Geometry book to Dave Fancher.
Ed Hasbrouch wills his ambition to be president of U. S. to Butch Farley .
Larry Hendershot wills his ability to get along with Mr. Miller to his brother Bob .
Joy Hoover wills her glasses to Mr. Teachout.
Brian Hoyle wills his ability to do things according to Hoyle, to anyone who needs it.
John Huffine wills his sister, Doris, to Dewayne Jenks.
Charles Hutchinson wills his place on the debate team to who ever wants it.
Melvin Holloway wills his crew cut to Coach Grey.
David Kelley wills his set of Sportsman Mufflers to Mrs. Curtis so she can be heard over next year's English 4 class.
Luewanna Keller wills her 1/2 mile walk to the bus every morning to "Whitey" Wardowski.
Jack Kenzie wills his Boxing gloves to Jim Hill.
Keith Knoblauch wills his butch to Marvin Stiles.
Robert Lawson wills his height to Chuck Adams.
Ken Mackinder wills his bowlegged walk to Judy Ward.
Sally Marks wills her seat in Government to Richard.
Jennett McDaniels wills her bortle of "Light and Bright" to Marlene Gyles.
Bob McDowell wills his height to Larry Rouse.
Mike McLain wills his unpaid traffic ticket for excessive noise to Glen Louis.
Barbara Miner wills her dancing spot in the gym to Marilyn and Marlene Gyles.
Gary Moses wills her gym shorts to the mice in the girls' shower room.
Bill Richardson wills his sister to Jerry Durgan.
David Rosier wills his typing ability to Mr. Teachout.
Richie Schmit wills his bowling ability to Chuck Richmond.
Sharlene Smith wills her telephone line to anyone who wants to listen to Brenda W.
Patt Smith wills her ability to be in the halls, second hour to Janet Freeman.
Daryl Stanley wills his car without a motor to anyone with a strong rubberband.
Jim Steele wills his ability to get kicked off the bus to the kids at Onondaga.
Chuck Ulrey wills his shyness to Jerry Mackinder.
Joan Wallace wills her gum to anyone that can chew it and get away with it.
Jim Warmingham wills all his wornout jokes to Mr. Sinke.
Mary Warner wills her Library privileges to her brother Richard.
Judy Weber wills her ability to get along with the Adams boys to the underclassmen girls.
Pat Willett wills her ability to stay out of trouble to Judy Vickers.
Clarence Wyatt wills his ability to get along with Mr. Teachout to anyone that can.
Daryl Wood wills his sports ability to the School Board.
Sandra Winchell wills her office in Latin Club to Florence Haskell.
Nadine Taylor wills all her good times at LHS to Sharon Chapman. and hopes she enjoys them.

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