Recent Pix

Here is a class photo from our August 4, 2017 gathering:


L to R: Phil Glaspie, Larry Hendershot, Keith Knoblauch, Dave Rosier, Ruth Layton, Bernell Wood, Nancy Koker, Rosanne Current, Jake Hamilton, Chuck Hutchinson. Front: Alice Gordon, Gary Hecksel, Delilah Moody, Jean King  -- (Dale Current photo).

This photo is from the All-Class reunion of August 5, 2017:


Back:  Gary Hecksel, Dave Rosier, Shirley Barlond, Rosanne Current, Keith Knoblauch, Joan Kaywood, Larry Hendershot. Sitting:  Jean King, Alice Gordon, Nadine Merriman. Absent:  Nancy Koker. -- (Dale Current photo)


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