Class Prophecy

from the yearbook

Around the world in 1968, that is the class of '58. Joan Wallace sees several of them as she starts on her world tour.

Before leaving Leslie for the Lansing airport, she passes Richard Schmit's meat market where David Rosier is head meat cutter. Before setting out she has her hair done by her favorite beautician, Betty Bunker. Upon boarding her plane, one of the new jet airliners, she learns Gerald Hamilton is the pilot and Martin Davis is his co-pilot. Washington D. C. is the first stop. While visiting the F. B. I. she sees Brian Hoyle who is in charge of investigating Bob Lawson for entrance. Brian tells her Charles Ulrey is at Annapolis and that at Paris Island, Duane Corts is a happy Marine Sergeant placing Private Jim Steele on K. P. duty each week. When she visits the Library of Congress she has a happy surprise when she finds Mary Warner is the head librarian.

Here she learns that Sandra Winchell is assistant to the assistant secretary to the Secretary of State.

New Yolk is a must for the next stop because Ron Adams is playing in the orchestra at the Metropolitan Opera House.

Next stop, London. where Janet Cooper is the Queen's hairdresser.

On to Paris. we see Shirley Barlond who is painting Jack Kenzie with his latest love. Shirley tells Joan she must visit Carol Baldwin who is bookkeeper for one of the biggest bull-fighting rings in Spain.

Hearing about a marvelous football team playing in the Belgian Congo in Africa, she decides to see for herself. Arriving at Stanleyville which is at the Equator, she is not surprised to see Bill Durfee coaching the team on which Daryl Wood plays. They always said they wanted to live in a warm climate.

Bernell Duke is also in the Belgian Congo teaching the natives Home Economics.

Norman Hampton is in Africa too. He is with the Foreign Legion.

In Italy she finds Ruth DeLeeuw a very famous beachcomber. Ruth tells her Jennett McDaniels now owns a mansion in Russia.

Forced down for repairs in Thailand, what a surprise to find John Grimes is the mechanic. From him she learns Charles Hutchinson is building a power plant in Saudi Arabia.

Joan arrives in Japan just in time for Kenneth Mackinder's wedding. Daryl Stanley and Jim Warmingham who are with the Navy's Pacific Fleet are also there. As she is throwing rice. she notices the bag says, "Compliments of Philip Glaspie, best rice farmer in China. " She learns that Deanna Blown and Sally Marks are also in China, taking the census.

Lois Chesley is running a Korean orphanage. In the Philippines Joan finds Patt Smith working hard as a health nurse. Patt says Melvin Holloway is a missionary on Manihiki Island. and that Joan Brenton, now a registered nurse, is with him.

In Australia she visits David Kelley and Mike McLain, who are very efficient conservation officers.

Arriving in Rio De Janiero, Brazil. Joan meets Rexanne Beaumont who is running a famous library. Tom Darrow is also doing very well with his homestead here. He tells Joan that Keith Knoblauch is a conservation officer in Chile.

In Cuba. Joan visits the sugar cane plantation of John Huffine.

Back in the U. S. Joan visits Larry Hendershot's cattle ranch in Texas.

She also goes to Wyoming to see Richard Balluff's cattle ranch where Robert McDowell is veterinarian.

She next visits the Petrified Forest where Clarence Wyatt is a forest ranger. In Reno Nevada, Joan has dinner with Ed Hasbrouck who is getting his tenth divorce. Ed said he would be an international playboy.

Joan travels to Alaska to see Nancy Brophy model the latest fashions in snowsuits for the Eskimos. Nancy says Jerry Barron is here also, surveying land for Art Bishoff's newest engineering feat.

Flying back to the U. S. Joan finds Rosanne Cowing is the airline hostess. Landing in Chicago Joan visits the peroxide company which is owned by Sharline Smith's husband. Gary Moses is his private secretary and Barbara Miner and Leuwanna Keller are receptionists there.

Joan leaves the jet in Chicago and crosses Lake Michigan on a chartered boat of which Bill Richardson is captain. Joy Hoover was also on the boat. She said she was coming back to Michigan for her wedding.

Joan Wallace arrived in Detroit in time to see Don Coppernoll play his 6th game with the Detroit Pistons. He has really made a name for himself in professional basketball.

Back in Leslie, Joan sees Judy Weber who lives on a nearby farm. Visiting old LHS, Joan finds Alice Gordon is secretary to the superintendent. Alice says Nadine Taylor and Pat Willett are still in Leslie too.

Thus in 1968 the name of Leslie is heard around the world.


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